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Boardwalk (2019)

Two pianos, four hands

9 minutes

Premiere performance:

05 April 2019

Siyi Chen, piano; Kevin Gunia, piano.

Shindell Choral Hall, Rutgers University

New Brunswick, NJ

Preview Score

Boardwalk simulates the full journey up the Wildwood boardwalk on a hot summer afternoon. It begins quietly in the Borough of Wildwood Crest, builds louder and louder as it passes the convention center, and climaxes at Morey's Piers, where the many arcades, food stands, and amusement park are all located. The climax contains a controlled or free improvisatory section, at the discretion of the performers. After Morey's Piers, the music begins to settle down, with fewer activities and people around. After two miles, the boardwalk comes to an end, in North Wildwood. The movement ends quietly, just in a reverse of its beginning.

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