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Hill-Song III (2018, rev. 2020)

Wind ensemble

10 minutes

Reading session:

April 2019

Rutgers University Symphonic Winds

Rehearsal Hall, Rutgers University

New Brunswick, NJ

Preview Score

Hill-Song III
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Percy Grainger composed two Hill-Songs at a young age, wishing to musically represent mountainous regions and the strength and freshness of its people. The Hill-Songs share the same themes, but have different structures. The first Hill-Song is over double the length of the second Hill-Song. In my Hill-Song III, I expand upon Grainger’s themes in order to create a middle ground work between the two earlier Hill-Songs. This work contains a complete bandstration of Percy Grainger’s song “Dedication,” which Ronald Stevenson inserted in his solo piano transcription of Grainger’s first Hill-Song. It also contains many of Grainger’s own themes.


Hill-Song III was composed with the permission of The International Percy Grainger Society.

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