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It's High Time (2021)
Saxophone quartet
8 minutes

Premiere performance:

16 February 2022

~Nois Saxophone Quartet

ATLAS Experimental Studio, University of Colorado Boulder

Boulder, CO

The further I completed this work, the less I knew what to say about it. My conception of the work changed greatly. I originally thought of it as a gradual accelerando. Later, it turned into three dance variations at different tempi. The end product is one big theme and one big variation.


I borrowed one idea from an earlier chamber work, Your Oasis in Space, and took it a step further. Each instrument in the quartet passes around solos, with occasional tuttis, as is heard in jazz. While the language of the work is jazz-influenced, it does not pretend to be pure jazz.


It’s High Time was written for ~Nois Saxophone Quartet for performance in February 2022.

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