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Our Third Life (2020)

from Eight Portraits in Ten Movements

Solo piano

4 minutes

Preview Score


"I'm curious what you have in mind."


Alex stands out from the others in this set of portraits; he’s the only person I don’t know particularly well. But upon meeting him for the first time — a four hour drive from New Brunswick, NJ to Syracuse, NY — I realized how special of a person he is. There’s not much he doesn’t know something about. He’s an excellent composer and also a tech wizard. He has a particular way of speaking and thinks carefully before responding. I hope to get to know Alex better and stay in touch over the course of our lives. The title of this portrait refers to two things: Three Lives & Company bookstore in Greenwich Village, and our little musical “circle”: first myself and Charles Fussell, and now Alex too.

Photograph courtesy of Jose Gomez.

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