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Post-Kettle Nap (2020)

from Eight Portraits in Ten Movements

Solo piano

3 minutes

Preview Score


Charles Fussell has been my mentor and best friend for several years. His support over this timeframe has been lifesaving, both personally and musically. Over the summer of 2018, he composed a portrait of me (K.G. in Contemplation) for mixed chamber ensemble. In my portrait of him, I borrowed motives from his portrait of me, to highlight how similar we are. Most notably, in his portrait Fussell borrowed the “angel” theme from his choral symphony, High Bridge (2003). He “sent” these angels to watch over me in my young life. In my portrait, I sent the angels to him as well, to watch over him in his old age. “Post-Kettle” refers to the Irish pub, The Copper Kettle, located in Woodside, Queens. Fussell and I often frequent this restaurant when I visit his apartment in Woodside.

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