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Semi-Simple Rondo (2020)
One piano, four hands
1 minute

Premiere performance:

02 December 2020

HOCKET (Sarah Gibson and Thomas Kotcheff)

Digital premiere

Given the opportunity to write a one-minute work for two pianists, I realized it was my chance to do something fun. Choosing a tiny rondo form, I created the blandest A section I could think of: four measures of I-V-I. In contrast, I made the B and C sections as complex as I could, with clashing rhythms and strong dissonance. I took things further in the C section and quoted several of my favorite twentieth century works and composers, identified by their initials. The final statement of the A section builds and builds, and the work concludes with a twelve-note chord. The title of the work is a reference to one of the quoted composers.

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