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Symphonic Movement (2013, rev. 2020)

String orchestra

6 minutes

Premiere performance:

01 May 2013

East Brunswick High School Chamber Orchestra; Michael Berry/cond.

East Brunswick Performing Arts Center

East Brunswick, NJ

Preview Score

Symphonic Movement is my opus one, completed in 2013. It went through three versions, the first dating from 2008. Upon playing the final movement of Haydn’s Symphony No. 104, I realized my piece was strikingly similar in style. I upped the tempo a bit, kept the exposition, and wrote a development and recapitulation. The result was a sonata allegro in the classical style.


Mr. Michael Berry, my orchestra teacher at the time, graciously offered to perform it with the East Brunswick High School Chamber Orchestra. It was premiered, along with several other student works. From the audience, I was stunned. It was the first time I heard one of my works performed.

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