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Chamber music

Your Oasis in Space, for pierrot and percussion (2021)

This work is written in a neoclassical language with jazz influences. Each performer has a virtuosic solo. Percussion writing for several small, transportable instruments.

Solo music

Excerpts from Eight Portraits in Ten Movements, for solo piano (2020)

Three short, varied works for solo piano. Sonata Allegro is in the classical style, with modern harmonies and rhythms. A Walk in Oxford features lush harmonies and contrapuntal writing. Post-Kettle Nap is through-composed and varies in style.

Large ensemble music

Hill-Song III, for wind ensemble (2018, rev. 2020)

This work is scored for 25 solo wind and brass instruments, with each instrument having a chance to shine. The music calls back to Percy Grainger's two Hill-Songs, finding a balance between Grainger and Gunia.

Vocal/Opera music

As You Like It (Act I, Scene I), opera scene after Shakespeare (2021)

This eight minute scene is scored for one soprano, two tenors, and piano. The libretto was arranged by the composer after Shakespeare's comedy. The scene features a fight, as well as a traditional aria and recitative.

Hill-Song III
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